Thursday, July 24, 2014

Schools Out for the Summer!

I taught my last class of the summer today in my studio 
because NRAS was hosting a big Art Camp day.  

Our topic was Pattern Painting 
(see previous post here) 
We did an exercise geared toward breaking things down to 
just big flat shapes.
No modeling.

As always, the "student work" blows me away! 
Kate's 16 x 20 acrylic! 

Look a those chunky strokes! 

Our model, Casey made herself comfy and Cello was in heaven 
for two long poses.

It was a little cramped with 5 painters and a model, 
but that didn't stop the magic. 
 This group totally "gets it",
and they weren't afraid to show it!  

I was so excited about everything going on,
I didn't get images of all the work! 

I'd say we went out with a bang today. 


  1. Boy...I'm jealous! Wish I lived closer....would have loved to take your class! Great work!

  2. Looks fabulous..Very dramatic and vibrant

  3. wonderful work! I can tell that you inspire them with your enthusiasm!