Friday, July 18, 2014

Crazy Color Exercise

I introduced an exercise yesterday that I've never done before. 
I'm calling it the Crazy Color Exercise.
(another one adapted from PKR)  
 I did this from a photo in my studio ahead of time to try it out. 

I knew right away that this dynamic group 
would love this. 

Basic idea:
Mix up two crazy colors,
one much darker than middle grey,
the other much lighter than middle grey. 
(any combination- complimentary
secondaries, neutras)  

My Demo

We set the timer for 10 minutes 
and look at the cool things that happened! 

So much fun! 
This exercise really pushes you to LET GO and be creative. 

Our wonderful model, Casey. 

One of our members brought her adorable 10 year old grandson to class. 
He offered to model for our 1minute contour warm ups and even wore a hat!  

He was so enthusiastic and uninhibited! 
It was purely delightful.
Thank you Keenan! 

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