Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Back to School

I received the supply list and syllabus for the "Light on the Figure" class 
I'm taking with Catherine Kehoe at Mass College of Art this semester, 
and I feel like a college kid again! 

I've been following her workshops and classes for some time now 
and finally was able to get in! 
Pencil drawing 
10 x 8 

Her method is based on initially creating shapes with straight lines
so I played around with a pencil and a ruler this weekend,
to get the hang of it.

I just know this class will shake things up a bit for me 
(and my work) so stay tuned!

I even ordered some "sensible" back to school shoes!



  1. I've admired her self portraits for a long time. Lucky you!

  2. Good for you....I took one of her oil painting classes a few years ago....very good.