Monday, September 28, 2015

Teacher / Student

I did this quick study as part of an experiment 
for the class I'm taking at Mass Art. 

6 x 6 study 

For this approach, we use a "body bag" 
to determine the relationships of shapes. 

It's a bit confusing at first,
but I get why and how it works. 

I'm enjoying being a student again.  
I'm teaching three more sessions at NRAS this term 
and will take a bit of a sabbatical from teaching this winter. 
I want to enjoy being a student for awhile, 
and I think it will make me a better teacher.
I need new material. 

(And, I'm going to be Grandmother 
for the first time in a few weeks! )


  1. Fabulous composition and color...Hey..Is this me?..the bathing suit looks familiar!

  2. great figure and congrats on soon being a'll love it!

  3. I love what you're doing.
    Congratulations on the baby <3

  4. The body bag is brilliant and I love your study using it. Must be with Catherine at MassArt; she is so inspiring! Congrats on new baby to come.