Saturday, October 17, 2015


I am making all kinds of discoveries lately,
and my latest is the artist Euan Uglow.

Here is an in-depth  Paintings Perception article about him
with many images of his work. 

Curled Nude on a stool
by Euan Uglow
20 x 39 inch oil 

His mathematical approach and perfectionism fascinate me
because it is the antithesis of how I paint.   
For now. 


  1. I just discovered him also from another blog that I follow. Interesting work.

  2. Yes..I have his book. I love observing how YOU paint and evolve

  3. I see why you are fascinated by him. I can't imagine ever developing the patience to do what he does, but I understand the meditation is in the process, so it must be possible. Thanks for sharing this link. What a lovely painting that is.