Monday, October 12, 2015

Learning New Skills

I'm adding new colors to my palette and 
experimenting with new techniques. 

Catherine Kehoe shared this quote with us in class last week: 

"Do what you have to do now and learn all the skills and needs 
and little by little you will morph into yourself-to-be. 
What you are doing in paint now is preparation for the unknown future.
A great life."
— George Nick

8 x 8 

"In the Moment"
6 x 8  

It's all part of this awesome journey! 


  1. Inspiring. Makes meant to paint People. That looks like me and David

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  3. Nancy,
    I love this blog, the freshness, the look and organization, the freshness, and the content itself. I just noticed Michael Chamberlain for the first time today and couldn't stop looking and looking. Just wonderful. I'm sure it takes time to do all this but please don't stop. Chris