Friday, October 21, 2016

Expressive Color Exercises

We did two fun "Expressive Color"
exercises in class today.  

First, we set up simple objects in bright light. 
Then we chose any two colors (one darker than the other), 
and painted everything in shadow in the dark color,
everything in light, in the lighter color. 

My demo. 
A student pointed out that I had painted the black cloth
 as if it was all in shadow, 
when in fact, some of it was in light.  
We all learned from that! 

student work

Then we chose any two colors, plus white. 
We premixed a tint of each (by adding white)
mixed the two colors together, 
and a tint of that. 

student work

Then they used two different color combinations (plus white) 
with the same set up.  
I think this exercise is so much more fun
 than doing Color Charts.

Thank you PKR! 

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