Friday, November 10, 2017

On-line painting class

I'm taking an on-line painting class called 
"Own Your Colors" 

One of the assignments was to invent colors  
using a black and white image as a reference,
making sure the values stay the same.  
It teaches you how to see value in color. 
This is more difficult than it looks.  

"Ironing Hankies" 
20 x 16 oil 

Here is my reference photo 
and a Black and white image of the painting.

It's fun to how close you can get. 
And it helps you see the big shapes of value. 

This is right up my alley. 
She gives you the whole course 
at once and everyone goes at their own pace. 
We post and comment in a private group on FB
 and there are artists from all over the world in the class. 
She is extremely organized and helpful. 

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