Monday, January 15, 2018

Back to Teaching!

It felt so good to be back teaching a two day 
"Intuitive Painting"workshop
at North River Arts Society this weekend.
I love that place.

It was a large group of mixed level painters,
so we attacked the basics on Day One.

Three Value Plan
Value to Color 
My demo 

Student work!

Limited Stroke 
(Surface quality) 

My 7 stroke demo
(with a mulligan) 

Student work
from a black and white photo. 
(his first oil painting!)  

Day Two:
Pattern Painting
We set up a large, busy, still life 
and everyone brought it objects.

We worked on zooming in with our I phones or I pads
to learn how to focus on shapes and colors. 
(No light and shadow) 

My demo

student work 
(she zoomed in on a pinecone and greenery 
in the orchid pot) 

I was so excited about the amazing work that was being created,  
I didn't get any other images.  

I'm newly inspired by the incredible
 sense of community
 and sharing of ideas
that happen during workshops.

Great work everyone.
It was a terrific weekend! 

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