Sunday, June 3, 2018


I was recently invited to participate in
"Local Landscape" show at Charles Fine Art
 in Gloucester, MA.

I was inspired to re-visit some reference material
 gathered during my residency there two years ago. 

"Miss Sandy" 
16x 16 

 The Gloucester Harbor is one of my favorite subjects. 

The first version

After I posted this in my on-line class for suggestions,
I lightened the value on the water towers, 
toned down the red horizontal line, 
adjusted the sky color and 
added the yellow slicker
for a focal point. 

Here is the Procreate version were I worked 
out the changes ahead of time. 

Digital versions always seem more exciting and eye catching! 
I guess that's because, well, 
they're digital. 
(Lit from behind) 

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