Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Zooming, Cropping; Adding Textures and Patterns

This week we talked about cropping, 
and adding textures and patterns
to our Expressive Figure Paintings.  

The idea is to focus on the whole painting
fitting the shapes of both the figure and background 
into the picture plane. 

The addition of texture or pattern can
lead the eye and add interest.

My 20 x 16 quick demo
incorporating some of the techniques.

We all agreed that this approach may be easier with acrylics. 
Layering with oils can be tricky and frustrating. 
Mud can happen. 

NOTE 2: 
Admittedly, the reults are surprising and unexpected. 
A terrific shake up for all of us. 
Sadly, I was so excited about the work everyone did,
I forgot to get any images! 

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