Friday, March 26, 2010

Getting Ready for Easter

Lindt Bunny 

When my young friend Morgan came over to paint with me this week, I set up three objects. This chocolate bunny, some peeps, and cadbury creme eggs. We did three small 6 x 6 paintings on gessoed water color paper. I forgot to take an image of hers. They were priceless. 

On another note, I read in the paper today that "ornamental grasses should be sheared to within a few inches early in the season to minimize damage to growth as it emerges." So I got out my hedge clippers and gave them a haircut. I didn't know what to do with all that beautiful grass so I stuffed a few baskets with it and filled them with beach rocks. The perfect re-cycled Easter basket!  

(A "Simply Living" entry in my "Simply Painting" blog)  


  1. this is so cool! Love the bunny.

  2. I knew I wouldn't beat Sally here! You are endlessly creative. Thanks for the tips about the grasses, too. I have one or two (oddly, I can't remember!) in my garden, and will have to give them a haircut. The bunny is perfect!