Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Third of July

This month the Girls Just Wanna Paint challenge is "FIRE".
Be sure to check out our entries on October 1!

On the 3rd of July, bonfires are allowed on Humarock Beach. 
 When those are lit and the fireworks begin 
it's an amazing sight! 
" Third of July "
6 x 8 

Note: I did this on a gesso board toned with black 
and started with the lightest lights.
Nocturnes are fun to do! 

Kelley MacDonald, our GJWP founder, is presenting a talk about 
daily painting and the blogging process
 Thursday at the North River Arts Society. 
click  HERE to register.


  1. You captured the feeling of dusk with the brightness of the fire so well! I want a mallow!

  2. Really nice piece Nancy. I also like to start with a gessosed black surface sometimes. You can see the colors contrasts better. I get lazy though and don't prepare my panels every time!

  3. Nice fires burning, Nancy-they look very warm give off a nice glow. I would like to try the black gesso underneath.

  4. Really enjoyed catching up with your blog . . . love your strong colors and shapes . . . they delight!

  5. There's something so early 20th-century old-school about this. As in, the derring-do of the Wild Things. Wouldn't you love to be accused of Fauvism? I would!
    Consider yourself accused.

  6. I agree with SamArtDog about the old school feeling. the colors and values are fabulous.