Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weekend "One Hour Painting" Workshop

I have a great group of painters in my 
workshop this weekend. 
After reviewing the basic steps for this approach to painting, 
I did this demo in about 20 minutes.
(to make my point!) 
This is when most of us want to fuss 
and we end up overworking it. 
But the timer goes off and they have to 

Then we tackled the  
Limited Stroke Exercise
(Which is the challenge this week on Daily Paint Works!) 
Check it out here! 
The results are great!  

Look how much paint she still has left on that brush! 
And she did that whole shape in one stroke! 
(The sound effects during this exercise are priceless) 

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  1. Nancy, I love this! Your post has inspired me to give it a try! Love the simple, spontaneous result!