Monday, September 5, 2011

Melancholy Monday

Labor Day always brings on a bit of melancholy. 
The beach is empty,
even though it's a perfect beach day!  

Good Bye Summer 
8 x 10 

As sad as it is to say good bye to summer, 
the change of season in New England is always welcomed.
Bring on the Fall! 
I'm ready. 


  1. That's so true here along Lake Huron too. The cooler air seems to invigorate everyone. I want to get out and go for a WALK.

  2. Love this one, the trees in the background, with the lights, and darks are wonderful! Love the big shapes, too!

  3. This is beautiful Nancy..gorgeous colors, composition, everything

  4. Great flat shapes ans movement.
    I'm never ready ;( to say good bye to summer. The heat yes, the long days? No.