Monday, March 5, 2012

"Education is Expensive"

That's what my husband and I say whenever 
we spend too much money or time 
on something that doesn't work out as planned. 
It somehow puts a positive spin on things! 
Today, I decided to try many of the (much appreciated) suggestions
 I received about this painting, 
to see what would happen. 
The "before" 
24 x 30 

I removed the deck on the left, 
(added more laundry in it's place)  
I extended the tree on the right and added trees in the sky section. 
I lightened the side of the house in sun 
and tried to soften the sheets. 
Bottom line: 
It feels even more over worked and uptight 
and now I'm bored with the whole thing. 
Thanks to all of you helped me with this particular lesson!
Time to move on and chalk it up to
some "expensive education"! 


  1. Now put it away somewhere, and look at it again in six weeks.

  2. Funny - I thought the deck was a good device to bring your eye to the sheets! I I really like the added foliage, and how you extended the lower bush across the dark/light of the house. Too many cooks, I think. I trust your instincts.

  3. I'll remember that saying, it's a good one.
    You're right that it's now lost its freshness. I liked it as it was.
    IF anything, and I agree with Kelley about trusting your instincts, I might have thrown a few more darks into the laundry using "wee" bits of varying shades and temperatures of blue/orange
    Too much advice there.... ;)

  4. Nancy I think your improvements worked out really well!