Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Not too big. Not too small.

I recently bought a bunch of 11 x 14 panels.
The thought was that that size might "bridge the gap" for me 
in my eternal struggle to paint bigger.
Not too big. Not too small.

"Sitting Tight"
11 x 14 

I was trying to accentuate that "big sky" feeling 
at the beach so I think the composition works. 
Although I feel like I cheated a little! 
I painted a small painting, tucked it one corner, 
and made the rest sky! 
Is that really painting bigger? 


  1. Well, it is a bigger canvas and I do love that big sky feeling...

  2. You don't need to bigger! Your paintings are a wonderful balanced composition of buildings and nature. I love the colour palette and the big sky!