Monday, October 13, 2014

Boston Bricks

I had about an hour to paint today
and I'd found this in my studio and finished it up. 
I'd started it a few weeks ago, got interrupted,
then forgot about it. 
(From a photo taken last spring) 

Early Spring, Newbury Street 
9 x 12 

I'm finding the color of Boston bricks 
can be just as challenging as 
the color of sand. 

Our 3 year old lab Cello is re-habbing 
after surgery on her ACL last week. 
She can't get up my studio stairs for a few weeks,
so I'm painting in the lower level, 
with her on a bed next to me.
Not a bad set up! 


  1. Nancy, I'm a fan of your work and thank you so much for sharing helpful ways to work better from photos. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your sweet Cello!

  2. Poor baby Cello! A sports injury, I presume. Sit-stay is so hard for a 3-yr-old... she looks bored.