Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Workshop "Shake Up"

Every year, I take a workshop with someone
whose approach to painting is completely different than mine.
It can be a bit painful yet it's always exhilarating,
and it forces you to grow and mature as an artist.

 I have just signed up for a figurative workshop with 
Terry Muira in Nashville, TN in February. 
Figure by Terry Muira

Oh baby. 
This is totally out of my "comfort zone"! 
Softer edges, different paint handling, 
 and less literal translations.
I knew I needed to take it when I read this on his blog: 

"Mindlessly copying what we see, even if accurately done, 
will only give us an imitation of reality, 
lacking in artist's intent and expression." 

I experimented a bit today.  
"Sunday Brunch"
8 x 8 

I tried put the focus on the mimosas by
blurring out the edges on everything else.
Hey. Thats why I'm taking the workshop! 

Speaking of that: 
I get so much inspiration from reading 
other artists' blogs. 
Here are some of my favorites who have 
shared lessons they've learned in workshops recently. 

Thank you fellow artists! 
That information is invaluable! 

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