Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Glorious Fall

We have had the most glorious Fall this year.
Day after day of bright sunshine,
cerulean blue skies, and brilliant color.
A difficult subject to paint,
because it's almost too unbelievable.
But so compelling.
This was outside my studio
screaming at me.

Glorious Fall
8 x 8 

A few previous attempts at same subject: 

Ironically, last week a student brought in this amazing book,
filled with over 400 brilliantly reproduced paintings by the 

The best $25 you could spend on this fascinating topic.
They do fall landscapes better than anyone and the  
reproductions are gorgeous.

Another incredible book on that topic is 
It's the amazing story of the life of Emily Carr,
a Canadian writer and painter,
and the only woman invited to join the group. 
Happy Reading! 


  1. Leave it to an artist to describe a scene with pigments!. I do the same thing.

  2. Such cheerful fall paintings, Nancy.
    "The Forest Lover" is one of my very favorite books. Emily Carr was an amazing woman.