Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Studio Re- entry

After being away from the studio for a few weeks,
I was afraid I wouldn't be able to paint anymore.
Today, I forced myself to just put out some paint and get to it.
Thought I'd paint something I love as a warm up.

"Our Welcome Mat" 
8 x 10 

This is a bit awkward and tight, of course, 
because Little Miss Fancy Pants showed up,
like she does whenever I loose my confidence!
I have a few holiday commissions to work on
so it's time to get my groove back!    

Planning our daughter's wedding was one 
 of the most memorable and joyous experience of our lives!

She was one happy bride and it was worth every minute! 


  1. congratulations to your daughter...it is funny how we all seem to get that painting fear when we don't do it every day...there should be a name for it....like an affliction...rebootaphobia or something!

  2. Nothing fancy pants about the wonderful painting. Stunning color

  3. xoxox Cello and XOXOX Grier! Beautiful bride... happy family.... happiness forever!

  4. Cello! Grier!
    So happy for you and really, I can't see Miss Fancy Pants at all!