Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Win, Win, Win Situation

Painters have all kinds of wonderful work in their studios that,
for one reason or another, 
haven't found a home.  
The NRAS has come up with an idea to solve that. 
is this Saturday (Nov 15) and it's a great opportunity to find 
some gems at very reasonable prices!
Here are a few that I have submitted,
all under $100!!!!   

Cabin in the Woods
10 x 10

Reserved Seating 
11 x 14

Summer Camp 
11 x 14 

Three in a Row 
10 x 10 

"Takin' a Break" 
8 x 10 

For a fee of $10,  you can enter at 9:00 AM 
for the "early bird" sale!
YOU win, the ARTISTS win, and the NRAS wins! 

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