Tuesday, February 3, 2015


When the Pats won the Super Bowl, 
I started thinking about how I could express that 
moment of total exhilaration  
with paint!  
Talk about a Celebration! 

12 x 16 

This was more difficult than it looks. 
I had to force myself to just make marks.
Spots of colors and their relationships to each other.  
I wanted to keep the colors bright and clean so
instead of middle grey,
I toned the board with yellow acrylic
 and did the map in red acrylic.

This approach is totally foreign to me.
Not having any value patterns to work with, 
I find I have to be more creative! 

Thanks to all the storms, 
I've been "stuck in the office"
 for hours on end. 
Not a bad gig. 


  1. You figured it out- brilliant! Painting and game!

  2. BRILLIANT work and painting. I love this Nance. The Patriots and Boston Globe need to see this

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