Monday, February 16, 2015

Nothing is normal

 Nothing has been "normal" since it started snowing in mid-January. 
The intense weather has been very challenging 
and rather disconcerting at times,
so it's been hard to settle down enough to paint. 

 Today I finally got a chance to try an idea
 I've been thinking about 
for my Expressive Painting classes. 
The idea is to choose a mood or feeling 
and create a painting (from photos) 
gearing every stroke toward expressing that feeling. 

"Summer Celebration"
16 x 20 oil 

I wanted to express that glorious 
"hot summer day at the beach" feeling. 
After looking at all this snow 
I needed to get some color in my life. 
And boy, did that feel good!    

I can't complain. 
While I've been warm and comfy inside, 
my husband has been doing this. 
Instead of a Snowbird, 
I'm afraid he's become a Snowblower. 

Thanks Honey! 

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