Thursday, February 19, 2015

Staying With It

I've worked on this for the passed three days. 
The larger format really exaggerates "the wrinkles"
and every mis-quided stroke stands out! 
I took an image of the painting at the end of each day,
only to then realize something was always "off".
I did a lot of scraping and re-arranging and 
had to use a lot of paint to keep the colors clean. 

Low Tide Jersey Shore 
20 x 20 

This is a frustrating way to work for me. 
 It's hard for me to keep the spontaneity and 
freshness when I go over and over an area.  
It starts to feel too forced! 

When the amazing artist Jane Filer was asked,
"How do you know when a painting is finished?"
she said;
"When I feel really good about every inch of it." 

What a great lesson. 
That said, I almost feel like doing this again.
Now that I know the pitfalls!   

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