Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Burst of Light

While walking to the studio yesterday 
the sun came out suddenly. 
I was floored by how colorful the early spring landscape
is when washed in that burst of light. 

"Burst of Light" 
12 x 9 

I was inspired by reading this interview in
Her landscape paintings take my breath away! 
"Adam's tractor tracks"

“Seeing—and the painting that comes from seeing—
can only be one way at a particular moment. 
Some paintings are done in a day; some have pieces of many days. 
To get what you see, you cannot paint what you see. 
It’s a battle between what you see and what you know. 
You take what you need to make a painting. 
The landscape has everything and nothing to do with the painting.”
Martha Armstrong


  1. Dear Nancy, thanks especially for introducing me to Martha Armstrong, as well as your own strong and striking response to the landscape.
    Your blog is a regular for me, thank you for your time and generous spirit. I love your simplified figures as well as landscapes and beach houses. Bravo!