Friday, March 11, 2016

Lawren Harris

I am so excited that a show of 
is opening at the Museum of Fine Arts 
on Saturday. 
Mountains in the Snow 

Harris was a member of the Group of Seven,
a group of artists whose paintings, inspired by the Canadian landscape, 
initiated the first major Canadian national art movement
from 1920 - 1933.

In Oct 2014, I blogged about this fabulous book 
and refer to it often, 
especially for inspiration when painting landscapes. 

The color reproductions are stunning. 
"Silcox [is] a wonderfully lucid stylist . . . this definitive volume presents 400 supreme color reproductions . . . covering the entire spectrum of the proficient and prolific group's magnificent output . . . every painting is vibrantly, radiantly, and gloriously alive: a veritable hymn to life." 
-- Booklist

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