Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Developing Paintings Further

I had a couple hours in the studio Sunday morning  
and wanted to paint something from life,  
so I put a bucket of poppies and sunflowers 
on the counter in front of a sunny window.

"Poppies in the Studio"
8 x 8 quick oil study  
on carton board

In an effort to develop my paintings further, 
I worked on it some more today. 

Poppies in Studio

I dulled down the objects in the front,
made the window lighter
and played with a pallet knife,
all the while overthinking every move. 

My goal is to learn how to re-visit paintings
 without loosing that 
the initial excitement 
of the moment.

Not easy. 

1 comment:

  1. Good post and fun to look at! I sometimes have a day I call 'doll hospital' and grab paintings that for one reason or another weren't on target. Then - what do I have to lose? - I experiment! Fun, and when I'm done, it's either much better or much worse, in which case I can always 'revisit'!