Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Residency Benefits

I've come to realize that 
one of the most valuable benefits of the residency, 
was that I began to really see.   
Without any distractions for the whole month, 
I was able to sit still and "be present"
for long periods of time. 
I began focussing on shapes and color,
and the affect they have on each other. 
My paintings are beginning to reflect that,
I think. 

High Noon, Low Tide
24 x 30 oil 

I'm finally getting to work on some ideas using 
images, sketches, and notes I took up there. 
Trying out some larger formats, 
experimenting with paint handling and edges....
stay tuned. 

I did this on a stretched canvas 
which is not my favorite surface to work on. 
I find the "bounce back" factor a little frustrating. 

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