Thursday, October 19, 2017

Teaching Drawing

I've just started teaching a 6 week 
Basic Drawing Class
to residents at Linden Ponds,
an Independent Living facility in Hingham, MA. 

Having never done this before,
I'm using Joseph Podlesnick's
terrific book as a guide.
(Thank you Mark Daniel Nelson! )

The first class, we started out with 
Blind Contour Drawings
of apples, coffee cups,
and various other small objects.

We then moved to timed gestural
drawings of a "model".  (me)

They all got right into it,
loosened up, and had a few laughs.

(Regrettably, the time went by so fast,
I wasn't able to get many images.)

This is such an engaging and interesting group
and l look forward to working with them!

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