Thursday, September 20, 2018

Building a Painting

I've begun to work on paintings over a period of time,
which is very different from my usual alla prima,
 direct painting approach.
This is the end result after two weeks of changes....

(Untitled As Yet)
24 x 24 oil over acrylic 

Here is my process:
This is the image I used as a jumping off point.
(Once I got going I never looked at it again) 

 I put into Procreate and broke it down to this:

Then I did a quick "lay in" with acrylic

This was my first "pass" with oils.

After letting it dry and looking at it, it bugged me 
that the everything interesting was on the right 
and all the shapes were the same size. 
So I marked it up with charcoal. 

And ended up with this!

I find this way of painting very challenging  
but I am inspired to keep "just showing up!"

I haven't been posting 
many finished paintings this summer; 
a result of all the experimenting I've been doing. 

Embarking on learning a completely different approach to painting,
can be exhilirating, and daunting at times.
Days / weeks can go by before you produce anything "meaningful". 

Frustration from not having any work to "show"
and the lack of a sense of accomplishment 
creeps in and does a number on your self-confidence. 
All you can do is keep showing up
 and hope something happens!  

I hope my muse knows what she's doing. 


  1. You are, as always so generous with your process.Congratulations on your award at NRAS by the way

  2. Thanks for posting this process. I love the strong result here. You are inspiring me.