Friday, October 5, 2018

Paint Application

While looking closley at work by some of my favorite artists, 
I'm becoming more aware of differerent paint applications 
and the use of edges. 

As a quick exercise I set up a simple still life 
(a red apple on a white plate on a blue cloth) 
and painted it using four different approaches. 

(I will use these for teaching) 

#1. Large brush, simple shapes, lots of paint, dark to light
(oil a la PKR)

#2. Drawn with a ruler, flat shapes of color, sharp edges
(oil a la Catherine Kehoe) 

#3 Layered acrylics thinly with a small brush, without outlining any shapes.
(A la MDN)

#4 For this one I didn't use a reference, limited the number of shapes, 
applied thin layers of paint, scraped, wiped...just experimented. 

I'm not entirely certain where any of this will take me,
but I'm learning what approaches suit me (and my muse) best.
I tend to want to paint quickly and use a lot of paint,
so slowing down, layering, and using a small brush 
is a bit daunting!  

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