Thursday, June 10, 2010

One Hour Painting

I gave my workshop at the SSAC center today and it went really well, I think! There were six in the class of all levels, including a gal who had never painted before. My idea was to teach them how to get paint on the canvas in an orderly, yet intuitive procedure in one hour. Timing yourself forces you be more spontaneous and fearless! And it's fun.

 I did a demo for them in the first hour 
(not easy when you are talking!)

Then I set the timer and off they went. 

The end results! 


I'm sorry I didn't get individual shots of each one. They were amazing! 



  1. Wow, these all look great...yours is amazing!

  2. These look great! Looks like everyone had fun...

  3. this is a great idea-gets people moving and shaking!
    I love yours... and the others look fantastic too!

  4. That is a very nice demo!! Good for you.