Monday, June 7, 2010


I spent the morning over at the beach painting with my friend Mary Sheehan Winn. We were both drawn to an old tumble down shed that had wild beach roses around it. (I'm pretty sure hers will show up on her blog.) I wiped off my attempt as I couldn't get a decent composition to save my life, so I turned my easel around and did this old picnic table sitting in the sand. Pretty soon that table will be surrounded by happy vacationers. It was a picture perfect summer day at the beach!

8 x 10 

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  1. That's a sweet painting and it was a great day. I slacked when I got home. No gardening although I did fertilize the containers ;)
    Jump over to my blog and see the comment I left on that post. Looking for a critique ;)
    Yesterday was fun. And really, we travel to paint but it's all here...isn't it?