Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day Two of Tim Horn workshop

It was raining on Saturday so we met at the gallery 
where Tim did a demo from a photo. 
He worked from an image of the Monhegan Light house
and again, put in all the shadow shapes first. 

 Adding in the shapes in light.
(This looks more yellow than in reality because of the lighting in the gallery) 
Again, I found his demo incredibly informative. 
He stressed a lot about getting the right "temperature"
 as well as the correct values.   

Then we all painted from his photos

He really helped me with the reflected light on the side of the small shed 
and under that eave.

At the end of the day
Tim shared some his best paintings of last year with us on his laptop. 
He described what he liked (or didn't) about each one
and I found that incredibly informative.


  1. Thanks for's a mini lesson for us!

  2. Seeing these is so helpful. As Pam said, thanks for sharing it.

  3. Don't forget to mention the AWESOME people you met at the workshop:-). No kidding, it was geat getting to know you!

  4. Thanks for sharing. I would like to take a workshop with Tim and this helps me get a feeling for what it's like.

  5. Hi Nancy,
    I recognize that gallery!

    Great post!