Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tim Horn Workshop Day One

There is so much to blog about I don't know where to begin.
I think I'll share this all in a few posts. 
Friday, day one, the eight of us met at the South Street Gallery 
where Tim talked about equipment and the 
importance of doing a value sketch when painting outdoors.  
Then we went out back where he did a 
very informative demo. 
Doing his value sketch. 

The scene behind the gallery of his first demo.

His finished piece.
It was magical watching him mix just the right values 
and put them in all the right places! 

Then we went to the local boat yard in the afternoon
to paint.
I chose this very complicated scene,
because of the great dark and light pattern.  
I used ultramarine for my block in (as he does) 
and laid in all my dark shapes first. 
All was going along fairly well, 
until the wind picked up and the clouds came,
and by the time I went to put in my "lights" 
the whole thing had gone to "hell in hand basket". 
It was a wiper! 
I got great photos though and will probably try this again! 
So glad we have two more days! 


  1. Very interesting and I look forward to reading more about Tim's workshop. Your painting looks as though you got a good start. Sorry it was a wiper, but sometimes even that is a learning experience. I should know!! :-)

  2. Isn't he great! I loved my workshop with him and really admire him as an artist and a person too. So glad you had the opportunity to study with him too!

  3. Great blog, Nancy. May I ask what colors Tim is using to tone the canvases befroe painti