Monday, June 18, 2012

Post Workshop Challenge

"Beach Bike"
8 x 10 

I decided to use some of the tools I learned at the Tim Horn workshop for this. 
I added a warm and cool of each primary, plus sap green to my pallet,
and concentrated on color temperature.
(I changed the color of that cement wall three times!)  
I also used a warm toned board instead
 of the middle value gray I am used to. 
(I found myself distracted by it at first,
and couldn't wait to cover it up!)

All in all, it was a challenging, but fun morning! 


  1. Love the bike! Painting cement can be challenging. You did a great job, Nancy!

  2. The shadows are impressive, and so is that dark on the seat and tires. Good work.

  3. Nice job! Well, I think that's what workshops are for - make your shake up what you do and try new things... which may or may not be things you adopt! That wall really says 'cement', though, and that is not an easy thing! Love the blue bike!

  4. Love your bike. Has a definite Tim Horn influence. One of my favorite artists. I stumbled my way through one of his plein air workshops a couple of years ago in Atlanta. I think so much of him and his painting style. Even though I was very out of my element that weekend I learned a lot from him. Still think of many of his teachings when I am painting.
    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. Loved hearing your Methodist background.