Sunday, June 24, 2012

Technology Melt Down

I got an I Pad for Mother' Day and
it started a technology melt down that hasn't stopped. 
Since then, I have purchased an updated I Phone,
two new operating systems for my Mac Book Pro, 
then a brand new Mac Book Pro,
(because the old one crashed)
Apple Care, and a years worth of One to One. 
All so I can have I Cloud.
Not sure yet why that is such a great thing
but now that I have One to One,
I get to hang out with those
cools kids at the Apple Store and will figure it out.

Cello likes the restaurant next door 
because she can sit outside with us!  

Then the company that has been hosting my website
just decided to shut it down.
I went two weeks without knowing it was down! 
I've got it back up and running again with Go Daddy but now 
 need to design an entire new website 
because I Web is being phased out!  

This is getting expensive and way too time consuming! 
Personally, I'd rather be painting!


  1. OMG. I'd like to say congratulations... really... but condolences keep coming to mind. I love everything Apple, BUT... what I really want is an iNerd. Preferably a cute one who curries my cloud without ever having to ask me a question. I say that to give Saint Steven, up on his cloud wherever that is, a good yuck.

    I think your closing remark is wicked pithy.

  2. Congrats, Nancy. I have a lot of Apple things also...not crazy about iCloud though. iWeb is being phased out!!~!!! Are you sure? I use iWeb for 2 web sites.....EEEK

  3. Boy I understand the tech overload. I bought a Mac Book Pro months ago and I'm still not comfortable with it. We live 60 miles from the closest store so I don't have time to visit them.
    I like Fine Art Studios Online for my website.
    Good Luck