Friday, July 6, 2012

Fun Commission!

I was recently asked to do a small commission 
from a snapshot of family members playing in the ocean. 
I panicked because my figures are never "portraits". 
Fortunately, the client was familiar with my work and 
didn't want them to be recognizable. 
She just wanted me to 
"capture the joy of being in the Bahama's together as a family"
"Bahama Beauties"
8 x 8 

This is what I came up with and she was thrilled. 
Now, that is the kind of commission I love! 


  1. I like this! I understand why your client is happy with this painting. So much energy in it.

  2. This is wonderful! Really love it! What a great commission to get.

  3. These figures are really great - proportions spot-on and their actions really look joyful - no wonder she's thrilled! Congratulations!

  4. This painting has great energy and joie de vivre, Nancy. You can feel the joy and the colors are beautiful.

  5. Great painting..Filled with your joyful fun energy

  6. An absolute delight! You really captured the joy of a family being together.