Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Plein Air Pluggers

Three very brave gals came to the beach today
 for our first Tuesday gathering in a long time. 
We set up under the deck with a slight and very hot south west wind
and plugged away! 

We were all challenged by the view, to say the least.
(No real light and shadow pattern)
Summer Heat 
10 x 12 
We all agreed that scenes like this can produce what I call 
"little old lady" paintings.
Sweet and sentimental, but no real punch. 

After a few happy hours painting and catching up,
the wind died and the green heads came out. 
So we all went for a delicious swim in the ocean with Cello.

Here she is relaxing during her post swim shower! 
Meanwhile, my friend Sue recommended this book 
on landscape painting by Mitchell Albala.

I am finding it very thorough and a terrific instructional tool,
for both plein air and studio work. 
Thanks Sue! 


  1. Just checking to see if this works.....

  2. It works! I think plein air painting, and the pressures it brings to bear (heat, wind, passersby, cold, etc) often result in 'little old lady' paintings - you just want to get something ON the darned canvas! Yeah, nothing beats it for capturing the feeling of the moment, but still, you can bring it into the studio and make something out of it~!
    Your gals deserve a medal and some nice lemonade! I think I have that book, but have not read it yet - thanks for the reminder!
    For the record - I like your little old lady painting today!!! It is a Happy Summer Day painting!

  3. I actually like the 'little old lady' painting. Am enjoying your blog...