Saturday, July 28, 2012

Alex Katz Prints

I finally got to see the Alex Katz show at the MFA this week.  
His work has always amazed me. 
His ability to simplify his subjects and create intriguing compositions,
 takes "saying a lot with a little" to whole new heights! 

Woodcuts and screen prints are the perfect medium 
for this approach, and it's a great lesson in simplification. 
I used to do a lot of silk screening in college.
I remember the inks were very toxic. 
Does anyone do that anymore? 


  1. I'm so upset that I missed this just wasn't in the cards unfortunately. I really love his work and effective, distinctive style.

  2. I missed it also, Just not to be this time. I did sreen printing for a long time and did my Christmas cards that way every year. Yes, very toxic and so were the solvents.

  3. Rediscovering your blog after seeing your work on Munson Gallery website, which I plan to visit this Wednesday. I love your fresh, direct paint application.