Sunday, July 8, 2012

I Pad Painting

I finally had a chance this week to play with my new I Pad.
I bought the Brushes app, watched a 10 minute video about it 
and then did this! 

The possibilities with this are endless! 
Great for planning "real" paintings! 

OK. So I've given up the fight with technology. 


  1. LOve it! OK - so you kind of drew it and filled in the color? WHERE did you get the video?

  2. Yes, but that is only one tiny example of what you can do! I googled Brushes App Tutorial. It's pretty amazing.

  3. That's gorgeous. I use SketchbookPro which is also lots of fun. I think David Hockney did all of his iPad art with the Brushes app. Have a blast!