Sunday, December 9, 2012

More fun with Fox Hunting

The Fox Hunt 
8 x 10 

Even though the subjects in this are all in direct sunlight,
(no strong dark and light shadow pattern)
the image attracted me because of all the black and white shapes 
surrounding the one big red one. 
I used a board that I had toned with high gloss exterior paint 
so the surface was really slippery.
It helped keep things loose,
but I found it hard to control the brushstrokes.
Oh well. It's fun to be out of control once in a while! 

On another note: 
I recently ran across the work of 
Chicago based artist Darren Thompson.
I love this guy's work.

Talk about loose and juicy! 
His paintings are so expressionistic and full of energy.  
A real inspiration! 


  1. Love the Fox Hunt ... your brush strokes are loose, but with purpose.

  2. Another nice one ! I love the black and white pattern with a punch of red. Simple strokes that say so much. Love it !