Sunday, December 30, 2012


Our GJWP challenge this month is 
to paint in the style of Matisse.
(Check us out on the first of the month!)

These challenges are my favorite because I enjoy researching. 
I always discover some amazing things! 
I never knew that after 1948, Matisse was bed ridden,
 yet he produced a number of works known as gouaches decoupees. 
They were made by cutting or tearing shapes from paper painted with gouache. 

The Snail 
Henri Matisse 

These works were quite large and 
were done by assistants under his strict direction.
This one is 10 feet by 10 feet! 
Read more about this on the 
Tate website. 
Color Wheel 
8 x 8
by Nancy Colella 
papiers decoupes'

I painted assorted types of paper (watercolor, bristol, cardboard, tissue) 
with oil paint using my basic pallet. 
Then cut out shapes and glued them on a board, 
loosely thinking about the color wheel. 

Matisse said; 
"The technique allows me to draw in the color. 
It is simplification for me. 
Instead of drawing the outline and putting the color inside it- 
the one modifying the other- 
I draw straight into the  color"
Quoted in Amis de L'art October 1951. 

 I'm all about simplification!


  1. What a great example of thinking outside the box: I love it.
    PS: the bracelet I wear all the time says SIMPLIFLY.

  2. Interesting, I never knew that about Matisse either. Simplifying is always good.