Monday, December 17, 2012

"Fixing" Paintings

Just what  I needed. 
A long rainy day in the studio.

I listened to Christmas music and fixed up paintings that 
have been sitting around the studio
 bugging me.

"Sunday Ride" 
12 x 24 
I took the trees out of the background 
and softened the horizon line on this one.  

"Off to Paint! "
8 x 10 

I rarely paint from images of people posing,
 (looking in to the camera)
I love this though because it's of my friend Sally 
who is always prepared and will paint any where, any time! 

"Danny Caught a Fish! "
11 x 14 

Whenever someone catches a fish on the beach, 
there is always a flurry of interest. 
This was going to be wiped the day I did it. 
Now I'm glad I saved it!  

"Bocci Boys"
11 x 14 

My son and his pals play a lot of Bocci on the beach.
I'd used cad red to do the "map"for this and had left a lot of it showing. 
I covered them up, changed the color of the sand, and worked on the water. 

I feel like I spent the afternoon at the beach.
A nice break from all the incredible heartbreak 
we are all feeling.  


  1. I like how you have reworked these paintings. Sometimes I think I just go too fast, that I'm too quick to finish. Your painting the visit really speaks to me too, letting go of expectations is key!

  2. I really like the horses, so natural. Especially the horse on the far right. It looks like it is putting its head down to eat the grass and the rider is pulling hard to get its head back up. Been there, done that.