Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pattern Painting Exercise

For our last class of this session I wanted to do something 
completely different and challenging, 
so I introduced a Pattern Painting exercise. 
(See this previous blog to read more about it.)

The exercise is geared to help you think more abstractly 
and to focus on composition and design. 
The idea is to create an exciting composition using just line and color. 
The form is flattened and the design is arranged by just 
line, local color, and value. 
No light and shadow!
(Which is why this can get very confusing!) 
 I couldn't wait to show the exciting results.
They used assorted photos that I brought in for references. 

Sally just nailed those poppies! 

I'd say Jim totally got the idea!?

Joan really had fun with this. 
Great abstraction. 

We all thought this had a very 
impressionistic feel to it. 
Love the flat shapes. 

What an awesome interpretation! 

Ann Marie used a stamp 
that she happened to have with her
 for the background! 
(She uses acrylics )

This is why I love teaching. 
I learn so much!

I am now looking forward to 
my new (FULL) class at 
that starts June 18!  
Summer is here! 

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  1. You are such an amazing teacher. Wish I could take a class from you.