Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Breakthrough on Hold

If you've been following this blog for awhile,
you've noticed my conscious effort to make it 
simply about my painting journey; 
rarely sharing anything about my personal life.  
However, lately I'm finding myself happily distracted with 
some new and fun endeavors and exciting family events, 
putting "serious" painting on the back burner. 
(Two weddings! a Giant Puppet project, A "Yarden" Sale, 
milestone birthdays, a May Day celebration.... 
Hey! Event planning is an art form. No?) 

Thank goodness I have students keeping me in the game! 
Sue's "start" 

I have some dynamite young painters come to my studio 
on Tuesday mornings to just "play".

This week we set up a colorful still life 
and made a conscious effort to interpret it 
"less literally"! 

Sue's finish.

I can't even post mine! 
Enough said. 
I have a feeling the "Breakthrough" I was headed for 
may be on hold for awhile!


  1. I can so relate, life sure does get in the way of our painting plans . It is all good though and we get done what we are able to do. I am learning to do that with out beating myself up. Hahaha ! and find God does stretch the time I do have and having a break is a good thing. Happily distracted , Love that !

  2. I blame Baseball. It gets in the way of my plans most days! Go Tigers!

  3. It's all good Nanny! And the breakthrough is happening just in segments :D