Thursday, April 17, 2014

Painting from Photos

"Painting From Photos"
is one of my favorite topics to cover  
because the possibilities are endless.  
Today we covered the importance of "designing" 
in order to  
the image!  

"On the Wall"

My quick demo using the image below,
(taken in NYC during  a 
Karin Jurick workshop!)   

My idea was to focus on the "rim light"
as everything else is in shadow. 
I did the figures first, then simplified the back ground to 
enhance that element. 

A whole different story can be told
 with the slightest changes. 
So fun. 


  1. Great painting, Nancy! Thanks for including the reference photo, I am inspired to try something similar as I always have trouble with simplifying backgrounds.

  2. I did a demo at our club meeting this week on this subject, and how to utilize the computer to manipulate the photo. Thanks for showing your example. I put the emphasise on when to put the photo aside.