Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Who Has More Fun than Artists?

I have a group of young artist friends who come to the studio 
on Tuesday mornings to paint together. 
 I showed them "the big one" I've been working on 
and they encouraged me to keep going.

Open Seating 
16 x 40! 
This afternoon I went back at it, 
focussing on "fixing things" without loosing 
the immediacy and presence of the original brushstrokes.      
Walking that line between keeping things loose
and staying "accurate". 
A real challenge because larger paintings show every 
wart, wrinkle, and incongruity!   

Open Seating 

Still not sure if this is working,
 but thank you girls for keeping me on my toes! 


While we were in Boston painting for Fresh Paint 
on Sunday, my son and his fiancé ran by us! 
My friend Joan Brancale took this 
of me taking their picture. 
It was so fun and unexpected! 

Who has more fun than artists? 

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