Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Smart Solutions

Many of my painting pals use acrylics 
and they are always trying to find ways to keep the paint from drying out. 
Sally Dean uses these small containers from the Dollar Store
 in a tupperware tub. 
She just snaps the lid on and goes!

Then I met Susan Guest McPhail and she uses an
extra large "weekly" pill box from Walgreens! 
How prefect is that? 
(I love how the days of the week are marked on the lids!) 

Just thought I'd share these artists' smart solutions 
with you acrylic painters out there! 


  1. Great tips Nancy.... I will definitely try these! Acrylics drying fast is always a problem for me when I use them.... especially switching from my watercolor paintings.

  2. Love to see what others use...I use a big stay wet palette with a lid. I put a thin sponge or a liner of paper towels under a piece of freezer paper.I squeeze out huge globs of paint,I spray the paints each time I open the palette or before closing. I continually replenish my paints for up to 4 even 5 months before freshening it all up! One winter I returned from Mexico..and just sprayed the paints that had been frozen all winter in my studio...and painted away!

  3. hey nancy - those are great ideas - and i'll add my two cents: use a bead box from the craft store. the compartments are larger than the pill box and you get more of them. the bead box i use has about 20 compartments. You can easily use a 1 1/2 inch brush and dip it into the compartments but using the 2" brush is tight, you have to put it in diagonally. I'm looking for a plastic bead box with larger compartments, may have to have one made.

  4. Wow! All great this "sharing" aspect of blogging!